My name’s Murray Somerwolff (he/him), I’m an Indie Game Dev and this is my Somerwolff Games Substack!

A monthly newsletter to share my honest journey of developing games on my own (& sometimes hopefully with friends).

I’ve been lucky enough to work in games for nearly 6 years now, helping make games like Spitkiss, Welcome to Elk, Dead Pets Unleashed, The Lump and more.

But excitingly, I’m happy to announce I now have the opportunity to explore my own game ideas - all thanks to being accepted into the Astra Games Fellowship 2023 , meaning I have financial and community support for the next year!

So - this substack is to document the journey I’m on. Each month will be a new blog update, talking about what I’m working on, my creative process, what went well and… what didn’t go so well.

I hope committing to this process will help me articulate my own workflows, as well as hopefully be interesting to those who are curious!

(And what games will I be making? If you subscribe you’ll find out!)

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Hi I'm Murray Somerwolff (he/him), Indie Game Dev who worked on Spitkiss / Welcome to Elk / Dead Pets Unleashed / The Lump / etc. and this is my Gamedev newsletter!


Hi I'm Murray Somerwolff (he/him) and this is my monthly newsletter about me making games!